Forum – Helping companies with environmental compliance

Environmental Forum
Chamber members from industry are invited to join the Environmental Forum, which meets monthly. Meetings are held to assist industry and smaller companies with environmental compliance. The Ekurhuleni Metro representatives regularly attend the meetings.  The Forum attendees and the Metro officials have built a good relationship in that all are informed of the regulatory processes and have open communication channels with the people that review and issue licenses.
From the Forum discussions it is evident that the ever changing legal climate is placing increasing pressure on companies to comply.  The cost of compliance and increasing demands on environmental professionals to manage compliance at their respective workplaces were also highlighted.  Businesses across the Ekurhuleni are encouraged to attend these meetings seeing that compliance affects us all and no one should be caught unaware of the requirements.

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Industry Safety Forum

Industry Safety Forum
Chamber members from industry are invited to join the Industrial Safety Forum, which meets monthly. Meetings are held to assist industry and smaller companies with safety compliance to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHAct). Recent topics included incident management, contractor management and professional professional registration of  safety practitioners. Presentations by specialists and institutes are organized when required, as well as site visits to different industries. Chamber members are encouraged to attend the the forums so that they may contribute and improve their own safety systems.

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How big data is transforming the construction industry

Big data analytics is being adopted at a rapid rate across every industry. It enables businesses to manage and analyze vast amounts of data at ultrafast speeds, and obtain valuable insights that can improve their decision-making processes.

One of the industries that are reaping the benefits of this technology is the construction industry. Construction companies are using big data to perform a wide range of tasks, from data management to pre-construction analysis.

Here is a look at how big data is transforming the construction industry…

How Construction Companies are Leveraging Big Data Analytics

Handling Large Amounts of Data

Many construction companies need to juggle many projects at the same time, and they have to collect, produce, organize and analyze a lot of data because of these projects.

Other than creating work reports and progress reports, they also have to manage technical information on various aspects of their projects. All the unstructured data that is collected and generated can burden their databases.

Big data solutions make it possible for construction companies to process massive amounts of data at unprecedented speeds, enabling them to save substantial time and effort, and focus more on the job site instead of IT issues.

Depending on which big data tools they use, they can improve almost every data-related process, from database management to report creation.

According to an article entitled "How Big Data is Transforming the World of Finance", big data can help businesses create reports on their operations more frequently, or in real time, so that they can make well-informed decisions on a consistent basis.

Predicting Risk

In order to plan and execute projects effectively, construction companies need to be able to predict risks accurately through intelligent use of data.

By implementing big data analytics, they can gain valuable insights that enable them to improve cost certainty, identify and avoid potential problems, and find opportunities for efficiency improvements.

One example of a construction company that is using big data analytics to predict risk is Democrata.

Democrata conducts surveys to gain a better understanding of the impact of new roads, high rail links and other construction projects, and uses big data analytics to perform searches and queries on data sets to obtain insights that can lead to better and faster decision-making.

Solving Problems

The ability to solve problems quickly can contribute significantly to the successful completion of construction projects.

Liberty Building Forensics Group is a company that investigates and solves construction and design problems, and it has provided consultation on over 500 projects worldwide, including a Walt Disney project.

According to the company, forensic issues usually occur in major construction projects, and they can cause big problems, such as failure to meet deadlines, if they are not properly assessed.

In order to fix forensic issues efficiently, construction companies have to be able to collect the right data in an organized way and make the data accessible to the right people at the right time. This can be achieved through the implementation of big data solutions.

Presently, big data analytics is relatively immature in terms of functionality and robustness.

As it continues to become more advanced, it will be more widely adopted in the construction industry.

John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of subjects, from social media marketing to technology.

It’s been another active season here at BUILD World Headquarters. Summer’s officially over as of today, and a lot has been going on in our world since the spring update. As we gear up for the final few months of this year, we’re excited for the opportunities bubbling up as well as the projects and relationships that continue to develop.

A new residential project popped up on our radars, and we’re just getting our feet wet in the early schematic designs at the moment. A gorgeous site in Bellevue with views back towards Lake Washington and the shores of Seattle.

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America’s fastest growing cities 2015

The construction industry has taken a bit of a battering over the last few years, with global financial troubles leading to job losses, slowing rates of construction and abandoned projects.

However, the construction industry has been looking up for a couple of years now, with strong signs of growth around the nation.

Research from GDM suggests that the construction market in 2015 will grow by 9.8% from 2014, which is good news for everyone from construction workers to home buyers.

So which areas are expecting new or continued construction growth, and how does that benefit the construction industry and house hunters nationwide?

Construction is Booming in These Cities

Many cities around the country have enjoyed a construction boom as of late, with growth expected to continue through 2015.

Atlanta, Georgia, has seen a boom of late, with no signs of slowing down in the coming year.

Construction has helped to regenerate the downtown area, giving it a new lease of life. With continued development expected in 2015 and plenty of exciting new restaurants, construction growth is going strong in Atlanta.

Phoenix, Arizona, made Forbes' list of America's fastest growing cities for 2014, with growth expected to continue through 2015.

Construction industry jobs in Phoenix have been growing year on year, as the population continues to boom. Considering that construction in Phoenix was hit hard by the downturn, it is good news for this city.

Houston, Texas has seen an increase in construction in the last couple of years, with more new home starts in 2013 than the entire state of California.

That impressive rate shows no signs of slowing down in 2015 and beyond, with a projected increase in construction of 13% for 2015 and 2016. The housing boom in Houston is accompanied by an influx of new professionals as the local economy experiences a boom.

Construction Boom is Good News for House Hunters

A construction boom is often good news for house hunters. Greater choice makes it much easier to find a home in a desired location that fits in with the budget.

As the article "A Monthly Budget for a New American Dream" points out, affordability is still relatively high in the housing market nationwide.

It's not uncommon for rent prices to stay stable or even relatively low during an expansion phase, and rapidly-growing cities often offer affordable housing options for both renters and buyers.

Whatever their budget or taste, increased construction means increasing choices for home hunters.

Things are Looking up for the Construction Industry

The current boom in construction is great news for the construction industry.

Construction workers in growth areas, or those willing to relocate, can benefit from increasing numbers of available jobs. This has a knock on effect, as increasing construction means a growing need not just for industry workers, but for materials, which is good news for suppliers and haulage companies everywhere.

A boom in construction means more work and more reliable income for those in the industry, and better security for their families, benefiting people across the board.

As construction booms and the industry strengthens, so too do the cities where construction is growing benefit from new amenities, more jobs and an influx of new professionals and talents.

Construction is looking good for 2015, building jobs and economies alongside homes and businesses.

Tristan Anwyn writes on a wide variety of topics, including social media, the construction industry and the economy.

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