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Grootvaly/Blesbokspruit Trust

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Grootvaly/Blesbokspruit Trust

(I.TRUST 3331/1995)
This Trust was registered in 1995 and its Trustees comprise of members of the

Eastern Gauteng Chamber Of Commerce And Industry and the Ekuhurleni Metro.The objects of this Trust are inter alia:

  • To create and maintain a Nature Reserve on the various portions of the Farm Grootvaly number 124 IR Springs measuring approximately 350 hectares inextent and which is situate on the bank of the Blesbokspruit river;
  • To secure the conservation of natural vegetation and habitats together with all forms of plant and animal life on the aforesaid property;
  • To provide all people, especially the youth of Springs with a knowledge and appreciation of the environment in which we live by means of field schools,classrooms, trails, lectures and all other possible means; to publicise their existence and encourage their use and to seek and provide financial aid for those wishing to attend but who may be unable to do so;
  • To promote, foster and advance the interest of the GROOTVALY BLESBOKSPRUIT wetland area by such means as the Trustees may in their discretion deem to be expedient ;
  • To ensure that the GROOTVALY BLESBOKSPSRUIT wetland area be given appropriate national and international recognition and support as a Ramsarsite.

The Trust is a registered Public Benefit Organization (PBO) and all donations made to it are fully tax deductable.

On the 2nd of December 1997 the Trust and the Metro entered into a partnership agreement in terms whereof the Trust agreed to manage the reserve and its environmental educational facility whilst the Metro undertook responsibility for the day to day maintenance of the property. Since inception some 45000 pupils from the surrounding schools have attended the environmental workshops organized by the Trust and approximately 20 000 other visitors have visited the bird hides or have partaken in bird-ringing at the new facility created at the reserve.

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