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Dear All The Eastern Gauteng Chamber of Commerce and Industry has embarked on a partnership with “Higher Me SA (Pty) Ltd” in marketing training courses to our members and other businesses in our area of interest on the Far East Rand. We take this opportunity to offer an affordable but unique 3 day short programme for employees of companies that are planning or in the process of retrenchments.  This program is known as Employee Exit and Outreach Programme and was originally designed by Higher Me for an International Organisation that needed to retrench employees in Africa. The programme was successfully delivered in Pretoria and Nairobi. Through the delivery of our programme we focus on achieving the following primary objectives:
  • Providing essential support to the Employer – Through this programme the company is able to demonstrate care and concern (good Corporate Citizenship) for valued affected employees. A very important consideration related to this, is that our service places the Employer in a positive position when engaging with Unions and/or Federations.
  • Providing support to the Affected Employees – Participants are professionally prepared for re-entering the job market. In addition, to address the reality of job shortages in the SA market, participants are introduced to the benefits and excellent possibilities that exist in Entrepreneurship and self employment.
In the event of changes that may currently be taking place in your company which could lead to retrenchments or early retirements, we believe that our Programme could play a vital part in helping to achieve a win-win outcome for all the Key Stakeholders. We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you as well as relevant Executives of your Company, for further discussion in this regard.   If we can be of service to you please contact any of the undersigned persons to arrange a meeting and fuller presentation. Mike du Toit (President)  082 414 1292 or Anita Greeff (General Manager) 011 815-5750.   Best regards Mike du Toit PRESIDENT Tel:  +27 11 815-5750 Fax:  +27 11 815-2455 email:   HIGHER ME SA (PTY) LTD Registration 2016 / 162129 / 07        
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