President’s Report on Chamber Activities.

Dear Chamber Member

We feel that it is vital that you, our members, should be kept up to date on the day-to-day
activities of the Chamber as well as kept informed about new and on-going projects.

We would value input from you with regard to the Report as well as any suggestions for
future content.

The Eastern Gauteng Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been working on a number of issues of concern to members in the course of this year.
At the top of the agenda are service and security issues. The Chamber meets regularly with the area Customer Relations Manager of the Metro in Springs where service issues about power, water, roads, parks etc are raised with the heads of departments. If our members have any issues regarding service delivery, they should please bring them to the notice of our General Manager Mrs. Anita Greeff so that those matters can be brought to the attention of the Metro in these meetings.

The Chamber also works closely with the various neighbors hood C.P.F.’s in town who, through their patrollers, submit reports regarding street lights, pot holes, water leaks and the condition of parks to the Chamber. This information is collated in the Chamber’s office and passed on to the Metro Customer Service Department. This system has worked so well in Springs that we have recently started a Brakpan chapter for our members from Brakpan.
We regularly meet with the S.A.P.S. Management regarding business crime and have encouraged S.A.P.S. Sector Managers to get to know the businesses in their areas. Where particular security problems arise, members should contact the Chamber and we will arrange for a meeting with the right security players.

At the moment we are finalizing the new Springs, Brakpan and Nigel business directory for 2019/2020 and expect to have it ready for distribution by the end of October 2018. At the same time we are continuing to develop the mobile phone business app.
In order to stimulate business interest in our region internationally, we intend distributing our directory to Foreign Trade Consuls based in South Africa, as well as sending copies to selected Chambers of Commerce and Industry throughout Africa and the world. Certain foreign Consuls have expressed interest in meeting with us and we would like our members to give us some sort of indication as to whether they would be interested in the Chamber organizing functions to meet foreign Trade Representatives.

In an effort to stimulate local business, we have held two business networking breakfasts this year where all present were given one minute to introduce their business and products. We need some support from the large companies procurement departments.
While on that subject, we also have the Business Linkage Centre (BLC) who help emerging entrepreneurs register their businesses and also help in training them in terms of basic business skills. Companies needing suppliers with BEE level 1 & 2 ratings, should get involved with this organization. The current Chairman of the BLC is Mr. Elias Shiviti of Bevcan and his Deputy Mr. Godfrey Madonsela of Carnival City.
Please contact the Chamber if you wish to know more about this organization.

The Chamber and its members are also involved in various community projects such as “Springs Clean” that contributes to maintaining the Windmill Park, Paul Kruger highway and Tonk Meter Drive. We would welcome more support for these projects. Other projects include creating awareness of the Springs Art Deco buildings heritage and fighting to sustain the Grootvaly/ Blesbokspruit nature reserve.

The Chamber also runs an “Ekurhuleni East Environmental Forum” and an “Occupational Health and Safety Forum” where members from small to large companies meet to share information and network.

For information on any of these Forums, please contact Anita Greeff at the Chamber on


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