Motor vehicle licenses

The Chamber wishes to bring to the attention of members that no licence renewal notices will be sent by the Dept. of Transport as was the case before. The reason for this, is that the Dept. of Transport is currently transferring the Electronic National Traffic Information System (eNaTIS) to the Road Traffic Management Centre.  This […]

Trade Conditions

Depressed Trade Conditions Trade conditions are approaching the desperate levels experienced towards the middle of 2009 after the great recession of 2007/08.  The December 2015 seasonally adjusted composite Trade Activity Index (TAI) measured 39 compared to 42 in November 2015.  The December 2014 seasonally adjusted TAI was 17 index points higher than the figure recorded […]

How big data is transforming the construction industry

Big data analytics is being adopted at a rapid rate across every industry. It enables businesses to manage and analyze vast amounts of data at ultrafast speeds, and obtain valuable insights that can improve their decision-making processes. One of the industries that are reaping the benefits of this technology is the construction industry. Construction companies […]

America’s fastest growing cities 2015

The construction industry has taken a bit of a battering over the last few years, with global financial troubles leading to job losses, slowing rates of construction and abandoned projects. However, the construction industry has been looking up for a couple of years now, with strong signs of growth around the nation. Research from GDM […]